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Best of Live from the NFR (2020)

December 17th, 2020

The Gauge was live from the 2020 Wrangler NFR in Arlington, Texas for all ten days of the event. With nearly 50 interviews from all ten days, The Gauge staff decided to pick some of the best interviews from the NFR.

Jimmie Smith (Round 2) 1:03

Kaycee Feild (Round 3) 7:28

Jacob Edler & Stetson Jorgensen (Round 6) 11:42

Lisa Lockhart (Round 6) 17:31

Cory Solomon (Round 3) 28:00

Emily Miller-Beisel (Round 6) 33:10

Jade Corkill (Round 3) 42:37

Colby Lovell & Paul Eaves (Round 10) 48:59

Jackie Crawford 58:17

Ty Wallace (Round 5) 1:23:10




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